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‘Tovenaar’ is a Dutch word, meaning wizard or magician. We aim to bring the feeling of wonder to our players which you might get by encountering such a wise, mysterious, ancient and powerful character. In BattleSage, our first game, we aim to do this by dropping the player into a fantastical world in which they can fly – something we believe everybody has dreamt of at least once. Our future projects will undoubtedly further innovate on translating the dreams and sparkles of magic we all experience into beautiful games.

The first sketches of BattleSage were made by Abdelkarim, back in 2016. Following his decision to start up a studio, Tovenaar was founded in 2020. In the meantime, we have secured funding from a governmental grant and partnered up with a publisher. All our energy is now focused on the release of our first title.

Abdelkarim Houari

Founder, Art & Creative director.

Andreas Veeckman

Co-founder & Tech director.


Everyone in our team has a say in the design of our projects. All our wizards share a passion for games and enthusiasm for creating them. We’re open to all opinions and insights that their different backgrounds and perspectives bring to the table. In our experience, we come up with the best designs when we actively listen to each other. Making games is often very humbling and nobody is all-knowing.

Above all, we work together as a team. We strive to make each person feel comfortable within our group, without losing their uniqueness and personality.This contributes to the diversity we are looking for. We share the common goal to make the best game we can, and we can only do it together. There is no place for ego at Tovenaar.

Communication is key. We aspire to generate a culture of open feedback in which everybody knows they will be listened to.



We’re located in Ghent, a city in Belgium known for its university and its rich history. The office is shared with two other indie studios. This creates a nice atmosphere and community vibe, especially during lunchtime, which we almost always spend together.

We’re located on a 10-minute walk from the Gent Sint-Pieters train station , with frequent connections to all major cities in Belgium.

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